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    Do you understand the characteristics of marine plywood?

    Everyone knows that plywood is a common material among people. It is also seen in royal aristocratic buildings and modern societies. Therefore, multi-layer marine splints are very popular in the international market. For many years, as a new type of product, it Gradually accepted by ordinary people, because the current marine plywood is not easy to be deformed and cracked, marine products are definitely the best choice for furniture in terms of environmental protection and health.

    However, the two technical problems of variability and easy rupture of marine plates are not yet strong enough, which seriously affects the aesthetics of furniture. Multi-layer marine splints are attached to high temperature and high pressure. The deformation of marine plates is solved by internal stress, which solves two major defects and is high. The strength and flatness are very good. The marine board is made of multi-layer plywood, arranged in a cross-shaped pattern and made through several processes, such as cold pressing, hot pressing, unique production process of multi-layer marine plywood and selection of raw materials. Its unique quality.

    Today's marine splints have many advantages of plywood, but compared to marine panels, multi-layer marine splints are more economical, less prone to deformation, and of consistent quality, because the wood panels destroy the original physical structure of the wood, so it changes humidity when it When it is very large, the deformation of wood marine plywood is much smaller than that of marine.

    Do you understand the characteristics of marine plywood

    The quality of timber marine plywood is more stable than that of marine furniture, so it is more pressure-resistant and more durable. The color of wood furniture panels is more selective. When choosing plywood for plywood, it can be decorated according to the style and color of the decoration. There are also many changes, which can make the ship use shapes that can never be completed. Today, wood plywood is widely active in the public eye. It has unique advantages in the marine plywood market and is the most common plate product in the furniture market.

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